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Integrated solutions

Through the integrated solutions the customer can save raw material, water and energy!

With the proper infrastructure, it is possible to separate all types of waste (recyclable, special, organic, etc.) efficiently, generating employment and income throughout the chain.

Organic waste and sewage can be transformed into energy through anaerobic biodigestion. Biogas, a result of the organic waste degradation, can be used instead of natural gas to supply the stoves, such as car fuel, water heating and electricity.

Accelerated composting techniques also transform organic waste into compost and biofertilizer that can be used in urban landscaping, urban gardening, erosion control, and agriculture.

The company seeks integrated solutions for all types of customers (commercial buildings, residential, shops (restaurants, shops, services), schools, civil construction, etc.)

Scope includes the following services:

• Diagnosis – current situation; characterization of solid waste and generation sites; characterization of energy and water systems
• Zero Waste Project – solutions to minimize waste production; development of an integrated solid waste, water and energy management plan
• Municipal MSW management plan – for neighborhoods or cities
• Management of the competition phase – bidding of the suppliers that will carry out the facilities of infrastructure, collection and destination of waste
• Construction phase management
• Training
• Continuous training
• Environmental education programs

The client may choose to contract one or more services, including or not the three specialties (solid waste, water and energy).

Economically viable and environmentally friendly

By allocating the waste for recycling or composting, the customer saves with landfill rate and transportation, as well as protects the environment.

Sustainable projects

We provide sustainable projects that meet the companies needs and their employees according to the activity developed.

Polzer Environmental Management proposes and implements integrated environmental solutions to the various activities.

We attend several segments: industrial, commercial and service


Meet our zero waste projects

Custom projects to meet your needs with a focus on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

We analyze the existing situation (diagnosis) and indicate opportunities for improvement for an efficient and sustainable waste management.

It is considered alternatives for the waste reduction at source, reuse, recycling, composting and lastly the destination for landfills, respecting the hierarchy in the waste management according to the law No. 12,305 that establishes the National Solid Waste Policy.


We serve:

  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Universities, schools
  • Industries
  • Supermarkets
  • Commercial Condos
  • Residential condominiums
  • Construction in progress
  • Others

We better target the waste generated through partnerships with companies that collect and treat each type of waste:

  • Residual waste (class IIA)
  • Organic, garden pruning
  • Paper, plastic, metal and glass
  • Wood
  • Clean rubble
  • Plaster;
  • Fabrics
  • Kitchen oil
  • Hazardous waste
  • Special waste
  • Others