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CASACOR towards to zero waste!

We were able to reuse and recycle 98% of the waste generated in the CASACOR exhibition. Everything is reuse, nothing is lost. Visit the exhibition and come to meet our waste recovery center.

During the assembly of the event we were able to value 99.5% of the generated waste, diverting the materials for recycling, composting and donation.
The rubble we sent to a company that transforms the material into non-structural aggregates, being widely used in pavements of streets and sidewalks.
The gypsum is sent to the cement and refractory factories.
The wood, part was donated to the teams that were working at the event and to NGOs and the rest is routed to biomass and reused as chip and handicraft pieces.
The recyclable materials are sent to the collectors’ cooperatives.
Waste of land, leftover grass, sand, floors, fabrics, etc., everything you can reuse is intended as a donation.
The organic waste from the cafeteria and the prunings of gardening and sweeping leaves go to composting. During the assembly we were able to compost 1 ton and hope to finish the event with 5 tons. Part of the fertilizer generated was used by the landscapers in the spaces themselves.

Syhaus / Arthur Casas