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Archive for Month: November 2018

Salão do automóvel

Less waste, more value! – Salão do automóvel

The Salão do automóvel in São Paulo represents the latest in motorsport and occurs every two years since 1960. Although many cars appear with sustainable resource-saving solutions, replacement of fossil fuels with sustainable energy sources such as electric, solar, and hydrogen, the event still does not care about the simple waste separation.

All waste are mixed in a single collector; food and beverage operators use a lot of disposable cups, plates and cutlery, and apparently none of this is valued, but we can change that by simply changing waste streams and procedures, bringing economic and environmental benefits. Let’s do it!

Campaign – Less waste, more value!

In my wanderings around I decided to create a series of notes about waste in the urban environment. The idea is to draw attention to the waste of resources and the power we have as consumers to demand changes towards sustainable development!

Keep up with the posts and be a change agent too!