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Borås, Sweden – Recycling 99% of MSW

2014-12-01-11.45.342014-12-01-12.24.03I was able to visit the Borås city in Sweden and check the optical waste separation system, 99% of the waste is harvested (organic and sewage for biogas production, recyclables go back to the industries and waste rejects energy, only 1% goes for landfills). Each has its responsibility for the system to function (government, society, private initiative).

We can do something similar here, just start separating our waste at source: recyclable, organic (for composting) and refuses (which can not recycle or compost). A typical Brazilian produces about 51% organic waste, 35% recyclables and 14% refuses. Therefore, only 14% of what we produce could be destined to landfills, the rest is not trash, but economic, social and environmental resources that we are wasting.

How can I help? Separating waste at home! Do your part so you can charge the government (separate collections and infrastructure) and private initiative (reverse logistics and recycling) the part of them !!!!

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