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CASACOR São Paulo 2017

CASACOR São Paulo 2017 was a success, we managed to divert more than 98% of solid waste generated during the assembly, exhibition and disassembly phases.








  • The debris was sent to recyclers that transform the material into nonstructural aggregate;

  • The plaster was sent to cement plants that use the plaster powder as an additive in the cement;
  • The wood was transformed into chips for biomass generation and part donated to NGOs;
  • Paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, glass and styrofoam were sent for recycling;
  • The organic waste produced by the restaurants was transformed into fertilizer. We managed to treat 3,500 kilos of food waste and garden pruning through an equipment that uses enzymes to accelerate the process (partnership with the company Dar Vida);
  • More than 30 tons of building materials such as floors, glass, mirrors, and woods were donated to NGOs.